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Vodka Sauce · Pesto Cream Sauce · Arrabbiata Sauce · Alfredo Sauce · Tomato Sauce · Marinara Sauce · Meat Sauce · Garlic & Oil · Broccoli & Garlic

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Spaghetti · Linguini · Farfalle · Rigatoni · Angel Hair · Penne · Fettuccini

Substitutions add $4.00

Ravioli, Gnocchi · Cavatelli · Pappardelle · Tortellini · Tri-Color Tortellini


Sausage add $4.75
Meatballs add $4.75
Chicken add $6.00
Shrimp add $9.00

Baked Italian Classics



Stuffed Shells


Baked Ziti


Eggplant Parmigiana


Eggplant Rollatini


Traditional Pastas

Rigatoni Francescana

Rigatoni pasta with mushrooms & ground beef, blended with mozzarella in a pink sauce


Pappardelle Vodka

Fresh wide strip noodles w/ onions & plum tomato sauce in a creamy vodka sauce


Rigatoni Moschettiere

Rigatoni tossed in a creamy sauce of broccoli, mushrooms, onions, morsels of chicken, herbs & parmigiana cheese


Penne Agrigentina

Penne pasta with diced eggplant, mushrooms & prosciutto, blended with mozzarella in a pink sauce


Farfalle Bolognese

Ground veal & beef, puréed carrots & peas in our homemade tomato sauce


Farfalle Capricciose

Bowtie pasta sautéed w/ broccoli rabe & chunks of fresh sausage in a garlic oil sauce


Fettuccini Tuscano

Tossed with sun-dried tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms & broccoli, in a roasted garlic & extra virgin olive oil sauce


Pasta purses filled with Grana Padana

Carbonara Sacchetti

Bacon, caramelized onions & peas in a brandy cream sauce


Sacchetti di Enza

Sacchetti pasta tossed with a wild mushrooms mix in a Marsala cream sauce finished with a dollop of stracciatella


Sacchetti alla Jennifer

Sacchetti pasta tossed with a pesto cream sauce


Sacchetti alla Chiara

Sacchetti tossed with asparagus, baby shrimp & sun-dried tomatoes in a vodka cream sauce


La Piazza Specialties

Gnocchi Sorrento

Potato gnocchi topped w/ mozzarella in a marinara sauce


Tri-Color Tortellini

Tri-color tortellini pasta with mushrooms, prosciutto & asparagus blended in a creamy parmigiana cheese sauce


Pappardelle Amalfi

Pappardelle pasta, tossed w/ large shrimp, shaved zucchini, roasted garlic, crushed tomatoes & a touch of cream


Cavatelli Carini

Tossed with sautéed garlic, basil, cherry tomatoes & sausage topped with shaved sharp provolone, garlic & oil sauce


Tortellini di Parma

Tortellini pasta sautéed with mushrooms & prosciutto di parma in a light creamy pink sauce



Sub Whole-Wheat add $3.50

Sub Gluten-Free Pasta add $4.50

Sub Gluten-Free Ravioli add $5.00